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Project Background

Tḱemlúps te Secwépemc (TteS) has for some time envisioned owning a grocery store that would offer better access to groceries for members. The development of a Grocery Store on-reserve is a goal of the Comprehensive Community Plan and direction received by membership.

TteS has for many years grown its participation in the regional economy. Developing the commercial portion of the Chief Louis Centre is a natural extension of that participation. The grocery store will be an integral piece for all future developments.

TteS is not different from other First Nations who are driven to explore sustainable opportunities for employment creation, facilitating food security, and maximizing the positive effects of local development.


Meet the Team

The project is being coordinated through TteS Business and Economic Development.

VisionQuest Advisors Inc. has been contracted to manage the project from planning, to construction, through to launch.


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Business Description


Highway #5 and East Shuswap Road



    TteS Owned and Operated

    Independent Grocery - Major Supplier Relationship

    Products & Services

    Full grocery selection

    Superior fresh departments

    In-house butcher, bakery and deli

    Meals ready to eat and loyalty programs

    Online ordering and deliveries

    Exceptional customer service

    Our Name

     Sweláps, meaning big horn sheep, roam the Tḱemlúpsu’l’ucw and is represented in our store logo by a sheep’s horn nestled within Mount Paul and Mount Peter, and the North and South Thompson Rivers. Sweláps Market’s look and feel reflects a commitment to freshness, culture, and quality. 

    This project will bring food closer to home, create employment, and further strengthen our economy.  It will be a source of pride as leadership is fully implementing a community driven opportunity. The grocery store will benefit, not only our membership, but all our friends who reside on the TteS as well as those who will travel here to support our Band owned grocery store. 

    Kukpí7 Rosanne Casimir

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